GRACE Magazine: 9 Fragrances for Winter and Spring

Hello GRACE family! Welcome back to another beauty post. Today, we are going to be discussing all things fragrance for the winter / spring season. Whether you’re a fragrance connoisseur or just getting your feet wet when it comes to perfume shopping, today’s top recommendations are sure to strike a note in the best way! With a top-notch list of gourmand and sweet scents reminiscent of a Belgian chocolatier, or deep and spicy florals that’ll have you dreaming of exotic vacays in distant lands, we have the best fragrance recommendations of the season for you!

A personal favourite, Angel Muse by Mugler is described as being a ‘highly addictive indulgence’. With its deep woody gourmand notes and mouthwatering combination of juicy grapefruit, rose berries, hazelnut cream, vetiver, patchouli and cocoa, Mugler’s Angel Muse is perfect for those cold winter days when all you want to do is curl up with a warm delicious drink. It is sure to have you drooling for more!

GRACE Beauty Tip: Always aim for Eau de Parfum’s when perfume shopping. Eau de Parfums (EDP) have higher concentrations than their scent-sister, Eau de Toilettes (EDT). If you love a specific scent but aren’t too keen on its strength, then opting for an EDT may be the right decision for you.

Kilian’s Love Don’t be Shy is constantly flying off shelves and for good reason! Allegedly donned by Ms Rihanna Robyn Fenty herself, this fragrance is the definition of delectable. Described as exhilarating and unforgettable, Love Don’t be Shy is an alluring mix of neroli, orange blossom and marshmallow. Fair warning, this fragrance has one of the steepest prices on our list. But with thousands of raving reviews, it is sure to not disappoint.

If I could describe Prada Candy in one phrase it would be, the girls that get it, get it! Prada Candy is one of the most popular scents from the fragrance franchise of the world-renown fashion house. Described as an ‘oriental gourmand’, Prada Candy features notes of white musk, benzoin, and caramel accord. In a few words, a floral caramel heaven! As one of the more affordable fragrances on today’s list, Prada Candy is definitely worth a try if you’re looking for something to sweeten your fragrance roster for the next few months.

Sunnamusk is a new fragrance brand on the market, most known for its specialisation in fragrance oils. This is perfect for those interested in scents that last as long as your day does, and without the heavy price tag. Described as having earthy notes of patchouli, moss, and oud with further additions of saffron and of course vanilla, Vanilla Oud is another warm and delicious scent to couple with some of your deeper fragrances this winter. If you’re still skeptical, Sunnamusk has 11 stores all over the UK, so head in store to try before you buy.

GRACE Beauty tip: Layering your fragrances creates an aromatic experience that is unique to your tastes and body chemistry. Don’t be afraid to experiment with one scent right after a warm shower, another as you get ready, and then a quick spritz of an EDT as you head out the door. The possibilities are endless!

Penhaligon’s was founded in London 1870 but over a century and a half later their fragrances are loved by customers all over the world. The Coveted Duchess Rose is described as a romantic and warm fragrance that is softly elegant and timelessly reminiscent of an English rose. With notes of mandarin, rose and musky woods, this long-lasting fragrance is sure to make a charming statement. Still not willing to commit to the price tag? You can order a sample from the Penhaligon’s website for free or head in to store to sample this captivating scent before you buy.

Swiss Arabian was the first perfume house in the UAE and continues to be one of the leading perfumiers in the Middle East. Shaghaf Oud is described as an oriental oud fragrance, with notes of oud, gourmand, saffron, rose, praline, and vanilla. Another sweet but sophisticated scent that is sure to turn heads. Described as a unisex fragrance, Shaghaf Oud has enough aromatic components to satisfy your sweet tooth while not going overboard. And, at its affordable price, it is perfect for the everyday woman ready to make a statement. 

Another Mugler hit makes the list! Alien Goddess is one of Mugler’s best-selling fragrances and understandably so. Described as a floral, oriental, wood EDP, this fragrance contains enticing notes of Italian bergamot essence, jasmine grandiflorum and bourbon vanilla to create a mesmerizing aroma that is sure to win compliments. Available like many other Mugler fragrances in refillable packaging, Alien Goddess is sure to be in your fragrance roster for many more winters to come.

Tom Ford’s fragrances are a staple for those looking for unique fragrance blends with that long-lasting impact and Black Orchid is no exception. With notes of black truffle, bergamot, black plum, patchouli and of course black orchid, this fragrance is sure to sweep you off your feet. Described as falling under the oriental Ccypre fragrance family, this deep and spicy fragrance is sure to be a rare and extraordinary aromatic experience.

Another personal favourite, Kayali is the fragrance house of the virtuoso cosmetics brand, Huda Beauty. Described as an enticing, warm, and comforting scent, Déjà Vu White Flower combines aromatic sandalwood with notes of white nectarine and orange flower. Further notes of jasmine, tuberose, patchouli and gardenia make for a uniquely sweet and layered scent that truly lasts all day long (tried and tested, believe me!)

Words by Mary-Hannah Oteju

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