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As people gear up for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the festive season sales , the words purposeful and intentional are key to ensuring we remain good stewards of our time, money, possessions and our bodies; lest we run the risk of consuming and buying unnecessarily. Making a conscious effort to define what your goals and standards are, gives you the vital parameters needed to prevent you from filling space with spur of the moment purchases leading to clutter. So, here are three things to bear in mind to help you through the sale seasons :
When purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable.
The first action point is to identify your ‘why’ and if the thought behind the purchase is something along the lines of ‘I just need it/like it/want it/have a caption for Instagram when I obtain xyz’ that’s usually an indication that the purchase isn’t a necessity. Establishing purpose really helps when making purchase and general life decisions because you can hold the various factors up to your vision/goal/mission statement and if it does not align then you know it’s a simple no. A useful quote from Myles Munroe says ‘when purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable‘ – If there is no real purpose, reaching for the debit or credit card can be abusive! So, to further assist, place these questions in specific areas to help define the purpose goals and objectives:
  • Personal Branding: What aesthetics and principals do you want to emulate with your lifestyle (clothing, diet and interiors etc to name a few)
  • Finances: What can you actually afford right now and how can you make your money work better for you (review your budget and short/long-term financial goals). Do you need to borrow or beg to get it?
  • Inventory: What main categories do you need to review and what do you already have that has or hasn’t been working for you (routines, storage, online/socials etc)
Irrespective of all the bargains that will be flying around if you can’t afford it, don’t need it or haven’t made provision for it and if it doesn’t fit in with your overall personal brand or purpose then don’t get it – no matter how enticing that discount is! *closes all shopping browser tabs* – because the ‘why’ is yet to be firmly established and justified.
The process of decluttering requires you removing mess or disorder from specific places and organising and prioritising commitments and material possessions. Take some time out and clear out cupboards, wardrobes, phone/laptop content, socials and calendars to name a few, and review what should go inside of them. Having your purpose that you previously defined at the forefront of your mind, you can now start deciphering what needs to go and stay. If the item doesn’t bring you joy and does not serve your overall purpose let it go (do your research into some charities and maybe give some unwanted things to them) however also bring back to life any old gems that you rediscover.
When you are detoxing you need to set aside a period of time to rid yourself of anything unhealthy. Being intentional is crucial in determining how successful this period is. While you’re defining and decluttering, rally around some trusted companions as it is always helpful to get feedback and a difference in opinion. They can encourage you to make those hard decisions and rein you in when you are edging into the extreme side with your clear-out. Find a detox process that works well for you and remember the importance of research – there are also many apps that can help you with this process. Your things, time and body are meant to work for you and not vice versa. So, as this year is running to an end don’t go wild shopping all the sales, instead take the time out to define, declutter and detox setting up your 2020 to live with intention and purpose…..(and with extra coin, you didn’t give in and spend!)
Words by Dorcas Payne
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