Paris Fashion Week SS24 Best Bits

As fashion week draws to a close, what better way to wrap up the season than in the ‘fashion capital of the world’. Known as the city of ‘love’ Paris was the stage for 108 designers (67 runway shows and 41 presentations) this season. From Victoria Beckam’s British countryside and ballet inspired silhouettes to Coperni’s AI featured looks, and many more in between, from a GRACE POV of PFW these are the best bits.

1. Balmain

Despite the robbery in which “more than fifty pieces,” were stolen, Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing, pressed on and accomplished what seemed impossible (Fashion Crime).  Balmain presented a stunning, french luxury collection of confidently tailored, bouquet lined and polka dotted looks that emulated 90s and 50s styles.  Steering away from quiet luxury, and embodying extravagant French luxury roots, Balmain sought to exemplify joy in the midst of hardship; and that they did!

2. Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s glamorous, English countryside, and ballet inspired collection blurred the line between feminine and masculine traditions, and introduced the intimate connection between the wearer and their clothing of choice. Victoria Beckham’s SS24 collection is a walking representation of her upbringing, and an inspiration for all to stay true to our roots and echo who we are through fashion.

3. Stella McCartney

Sustainability has never looked better as Stella McCartney partnered with eco-friendly creators, and presented much more than just a runway show.  McCartney showcased a collection of designs inspired by life on tour in collaboration with a sustainable market.  Similar to Victoria Beckham’s message of staying true to our roots, Stella McCartney’s SS24 collection echoed much of the joys of her youth and family. There is joy and beauty in all aspects of life, and what better avenue to express such a delight than through fashion.

4. Coperni

From a spray on dress to innovatively tailored garments, Coperni knows how to stand out in viral ways.  Coperni’s SS24 collection displays modern, high-tech looks featuring a wearable AI tool which is believed to officially drop this upcoming November 2023 .  The Humane AI pin is a wearable mini projector, camera, and general AI assistance tool that is set to change the future of fashion forever!

5. Litkovska

The SS24 REBIRTH collection is a profound acknowledgment of strength in challenging times. Amidst the tumultuous thunder of air raid alarms, sirens, and rocket attacks, Litkovska founder and creative director Lilia Litkovska continues to create collections that represent the resilience of feminine power. In this way, the masculinity of the designs conveys the fragility of femininity, instilling faith in the midst of chaos. This powerful message was visually represented during the show, which drew an unprecedented number of guests from around the world.

Words by Kirsten Keller

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