As believers in Christ we have been called to pray for ourselves, our country and for one another. It is the most powerful way of communicating with God to seek His desires and opinions about things concerning ourselves and others. There are times when we don’t pray like we ought to or only when we need something and when we get that which we have requested our prayer life decreases or completely stops all together! But we have to remember that the bible encourages us to:
‘Pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you’
1Thessalonians 5:17-18
Which, whilst it sounds like a task, is a sure way to keep our hearts and minds on the Father, ensuring that we are close to Him and not having to panic upon the occurrence of ‘trouble’. The saying ‘pray so you don’t HAVE to pray’ comes into mind. Think of it has making regular deposits into your spiritual bank account, so in the face of a ‘rainy day’ you can tap into the savings that have accumulated.
Throughout the bible we have seen many instances where the effect and power of prayer has ended up yielding good results, so here are a few to encourage you.
 When Peter was placed in prison, it says constant prayer was offered to God by the church (meaning you and I), they gathered together in unity to pray for him and through those prayers God released him (Acts 12:5-17)
Whenever you have the opportunity to attend prayer meetings it would be good to make use of that chance because in the midst of that gathering, God is surely there and those corporate prayers can can go a long way.(Matt 18:19-20)
Another example is seen in the book of Daniel, who was said to have prayed 3 times a day, meaning he prayed often. When Daniel had seen a vision about the country, instead of trying to work it out himself or dismiss it, he humbled himself, fasted and prayed asking God for the answer. Sometimes God is trying to reveal something to you, so instead of forgetting or worrying about it , pray, and seek His face for the meaning and the solution. (Dan 10:1-2)
Daniel worked within the Government and I believe he was placed there by God to be used as a vessel to bring Gods glory to the people. We live in a country with a rocky political climate at present leaving many confused as to our future and the future of the UK. But let’s not complain, get worked up or turn a blind eye thinking we can offer no help with matters such things like Brexit. We have the privilege and access to pray and seek for Gods sole purpose to have its way in the nation we live in.
We also see that Daniel did not stop praying till he got an answer from God, he stayed persistent for 21 days. When the angel visited him, he told him that his prayer was answered on the first day but there was great resistance. This is why God tells us to pray consistently! Never give up because your answer is right around the corner. (Dan 10:11-14)
Last but not least we see that even Jesus prayed. Yes, Jesus himself prayed, a few examples in Luke 11:1, Matt 14:23 and Luke 6:12. He believed in prayer so much that He taught us how to pray in Matthew 6:5-15, use this as your blueprint to kick start your prayer life.
Hopefully these few example will rekindle the fire inside of you to start praying and most of all to stay consistent because many things are waiting to happen if we all avail ourselves and pray.
Words by Delores Oblitey
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