We are going back in time! Not literally but the clocks are due to re-e-wind by an hour this Sunday meaning we are officially entering the winter months. While that means you can finally pull out the winter warmers you’ve been stockpiling in preparation for the cold, that can spell trouble for our skin that’s about to be exposed to harsher conditions.
Aside from being a light in a dark world spiritually, how do we ensure our skin physically glows along with it?
Throughout the year you may have been advised to go vegan, smother your face with foods found in the fridge or kitchen cupboards such as Turmeric, Honey or Apple Cider Vinegar (I can feel the sting already), not to mention the overwhelming amount of beauty products marketed to us on a daily basis, all with the promise of healthier looking skin.
To simplify and take into account that many still want to bite into a juicy steak and not smear honey on their face here are some useful tips to help you get that glow!
Drink water and lots of it. Water has been known to flush out toxins and most importantly boost your immune system which will benefit your skin. 6-8 glasses per day is a good level. Try adding a slice of lemon or sprigs of mint to liven it up.
Invest in a good moisturiser. As children, we were always doused in lotion as having a dry and ashy face did not go down well with the other kids in the playground! Keep that same energy in adult life, dry and ashy skin does-not-go-down-well! Start by identifying your skin type, whether it’s oily, dry or a mix of both and choose a moisturiser that works for you.
Wash your make up brushes’ ladies. With the vast amount of information and tips online from influencers and beauty experts advising us of the importance of washing our makeup brushes after use, let us take heed lest we fall and end up with an outbreak.
Eat well and healthily. Scripture tells us our body is a temple (1 Corinthians 6:19) So we should treat it as such. You may be tempted to have a ‘cheat day’ here and there so even if you have a sweet tooth or a craving for a bit of fizz, ditch the candy for fresh fruit and a can of coke for sparkling water. Your skin will ultimately thank you for it.
Sleep and get lots of it if you can. A well-known fact that sleep encourages the body to get rid of dead blood and brain cells causing you to wake up feeling refreshed. Sleep deprivation tampers with the skins moisture level and likely why your skin and complexion may look less youthful and lacking a glow. They don’t call it beauty sleep for no reason!
YOU are fearfully and wonderfully made so be confident and revel in your natural God-given beauty. Going make-up free will give your face extra breathing space on top of the tips listed above.
Following these easy to-do tips is a sure way to ensure your glow remains not only in the winter but throughout the seasons all year round.
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