What is an empowered woman?
When I envision what it is to be an empowered woman, I think of strength, fearlessness and a woman that knows exactly what she wants. In today’s society we have seen a bout of women that are strong and empowered, some call them feminists, head strong, disobedient however there are many other positive connotations attached to being an empowered woman. As a Christian woman, the following scripture springs to mind:
‘I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful…’.
Psalm 139:14
Christ made us in His perfect image an image where there are no fears or doubts and possessing the spirit of boldness and authority. There has been a plethora of empowered women in the media from the intelligent and regal Michelle Obama to Hilary Clinton being bold enough to run for president back in 2016. Women have come a long way and this is a great time to be an empowered woman. This type of woman knows what she wants and is not afraid to pursue it. In the Bible there are a number of examples of women that have been depicted as empowered such as Esther, Ruth and Deborah.
To get you started on the road to being an empowered woman, here are 6 tips below:
Tip One: Self-belief
She believes in herself and she knows her strengths and weaknesses. However, she does not allow her weakness to overcome her. No matter what the obstacle is in front of her she seeks solace in God and knows it is just a season of trials. She focuses hard to be the best version of herself.
Tip Two: Self-love
As the old adage goes ‘If you do not love yourself first no-one else will’. The empowered woman loves herself in a humble way, she appreciates and values her self-worth. She takes time to look after herself and health and most importantly strives to be at peace.
Tip Three: Goal orientated
She knows exactly what she wants and how she is going to get there. No matter how long it takes she refuses to give up.
Tip Four: Empowering relationships
The people she chooses around her is essential, her space is important and strives to be around like-minded individuals. Individuals that want to succeed in life and have a testimony to share to others, she stays away from negativity and values the people around her.
Tips Five: Trust the process
No matter how long the process may seem she knows what God has for her and decides to be patient. She may question her purpose at times however she keeps her vision at the forefront and keeps trusting God. The moments of adversity will soon become a distant memory.
Tip Six: Empowers other women
She empowers other women to be great and is a motivator, instead of tearing other women down she builds them up. She celebrates other women’s achievements and is not afraid to let other women shine as she knows her worth.
What is an Empowered Woman?What is an Empowered Woman?What is an Empowered Woman?73
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