As much as I am into fashion, I am not a fan of trends. In fact, I find it quite boring when all you can find in every store from Bershka to Balenciaga is the same colour palette, cut or theme. Yes, there is a difference in quality and price but everyone is still singing from the same hymn sheet and quite frankly I don’t believe Jesus was slain for us all to be the same. So, I turn our attention towards this social media epidemic.
The Rise of ‘women empowerment’ Groups.
Now, I’m all for women being empowered and for people stepping out on business ventures BUT from a place of authenticity. Now that’s not to say every single platform that’s popping up is suspect, however, I discern more of a desire for power, praise and to be seen doing ‘something’ due to lack of vision, over giving others the true upliftment, help and support so many need.
This isn’t about being a platform pooper but to help you recognise if you’re currently following the trend and how to set the pace with authenticity, resulting in effective empowerment on and off the gram.
So here are three reasons why you should avoid getting on the trend tram and some actions to help you get off if you’ve found yourself riding it below:
1.) Not everyone is called to do the SAME thing. Whilst there is nothing new under the sun – word to Ecclesiastes, God is far too creative to give everyone the same role. (at the same time, in the same season, on the same social platform)
Ask (God) and WAIT to hear what avenue He wants you to take, not what your flesh wants to do, or what seems appealing because of the attention it’s garnering online.
2.) God is a God of purpose and appointment when He wants to raise up a champion to lead and deliver nations, He sends helpers to aid them in their journey. So IF everyone is busy calling themselves and creating platforms to lead the multitudes, where are the helpers if everyone is standing on the podium of self?
Imagine, if when Moses needed help, instead of Aaron and Hur being available to support when he grew weary started replicating what he was doing and lifted their hands instead of lifting him up? That’s the whole of Israel done for, because of platform chasing. Sometimes God has simply (and it’s not simple but a very important component in the big wheel of life) called people to stand in a place of support UNDER a leader.
Now that doesn’t mean you can never start something off as your own, but check your call register first to see if God hollered at you.
Ask yourself if you have indeed been called to the current place you are at? or if you’d just like to be involved with the ‘trend’. Now it’s somewhat ok to participate in the ‘what’s popping’ movements (if you have time to waste) but be aware that like all trends, they pass away. So if it’s longevity and true empowerment and support you want to give to others, make sure you have been called to do it because then you’ll be equipt for it too! You’re much more effective and helpful in YOUR purpose.
3.) Is the vision authentic? Where did the idea come from? What’s the driving force behind it? Is there a burning desire and passion that accompanies what you want to do? Would you stick at it if you didn’t get any claps, likes, followers or support within the first year or even 6 months of you releasing your product, service or announcing your new venture? Would you quit if things were difficult on the way to ‘success’? Are you focused and committed?
The answers to those questions will help to determine whether your vision is authentic or not and if it will last beyond trends.
Write the vision
And make it plain on tablets, (paper, androids, iPhones, whatever)
That he may run who reads it.
A.K.A (That you may be reminded and continue to work towards the goals that you’ve written down)
Working from a place of authenticity takes faith. Faith to believe that you can achieve on the path set out for you instead producing a duplicate. If empowerment is what you desire to pour into others, go to THE SOURCE of power and get charged up for the goal ahead. There will be moments you get tired, feel discouraged and face challenges but trust that He who has called you will ensure what you put out is the real deal and never a trend following knockoff.
Is The Vision Authentic?Is The Vision Authentic?76Words by Dara Olagbami
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