GRACE Magazine: How to Share your Faith with Non-Believing Friends

What do you do when you love Jesus, but your friends, relatives or work colleagues don’t? Or how do you bring up Jesus in conversation without being ‘that guy (or) girl’ who ‘bible bashes’ or ‘judges’.


Being a bible believing Christian, we ought to preach the gospel as much as possible and understand that this commission is not reserved for the fivefold ministry. But in a post-Christendom world, personal evangelism is viewed negatively. The announcement of the gospel is deemed offensive, inappropriate, and insensitive.


So how do we reflect, inject and share our faith with those who don’t believe?


Read on for our top 5 tips below:

1.) Remember where you came from

Not because you are bound to your past, but because you were once in darkness needing enlightenment. Remembering what you were like and perhaps your possible disinterest for the things pertaining to life and godliness should help you exercise patience and compassion to those who don’t want to give ear to the good news. Internalising that you are a recipient of grace should help avoid conversations that cause others to feel patronized or talked down to and instead lead to dialogue rather than one-way preaching.

2.) Live like Christ, practice what you preach

One of the best ways to share your faith is to live a godly life. Non-Christians often look at Christians as hypocritical because we say one thing but do another. Show those close to you that you care—spend time with them, and try to help meet their needs. Live out the words you profess to believe. See yourself, your speech and your conduct as the bible they have yet to read and believe in as the authoritative word of God.

3.) Ask questions and listen

We often think we need to talk at length, using many words or ‘Christian jargon’ to win others, but in reality, people are more open to talking about their spiritual standing if we are willing to listen to them. Asking questions communicates that you’re not assuming you know what they believe or need. Genuine questions about their life experience, trials, and family go a long way in building trust and respect. Diving into spiritual matters does not need to be the first point in the conversation to show your Christian-ness. Take the time to get to know them. Eventually, questions such as, “Do you have any spiritual beliefs?” or “What is your understanding of Jesus?” can come up, and by then, a two-way conversation can take place.

Remember:  The goal is not to get them to accept Christ there and then. Instead, allow God to water the seeds you are sowing.

4.) Share Your Testimony

I think numerous Christians overlook the power of testifying to the power of God. We sometimes think it needs to be a grand display of actual mountains moving and red seas parting before we rate what God has done in our lives and it being worthy of sharing. Other times we allow shame or the fact we don’t have a microphone or large social media following to keep our mouths closed. But you’ll be surprised at how many will relate to the struggles you may have once had with pornography or alcoholism. You’ll be shocked that it wasn’t just you who battled depression, poverty or feelings of inadequacy. If you open your mouth and declare what God has done for you, perhaps others would want to know Him too?

5.) Pray and Study the Word of God

The more of Christ and His word you get inside of you, the more of Christ that can shine through you. A saying I heard and find to be true says: ‘questions don’t need answering, people do’. Perhaps our conversations with those that don’t believe in Christ could improve if we had more knowledge of Christ ourselves. This does not mean that we need to have ALL the answers because we can never know it all – but having a basic understanding of the gospel better equips us if we plan to share it.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of how to go about sharing Christ, but rather ideas to encourage and aid as we go about our day to day lives with the hope of sharing Jesus with those who have yet to know Him. Above all, the Holy Spirit is our guide and is able to direct each step we take at any and every given moment. Therefore, it’s essential to partner with Him daily and allow Him to speak to those He desires to reach in the way He proposes.


Prayer: Lord, help me to reflect You in my day-to-day life. Direct the conversations I have with friends, family and colleagues. Soften the hearts of those I come in contact with and use me to sow into Your kingdom, in Jesus’ name, amen.

Words by Dara Olagbami

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