According to the world, February is the month of ‘love’. A bit stingy if you ask me, considering we need love daily. And that makes me think of how loving and wonderful God is who daily loads us with His benefits (Psalm 68:19) and unveils the greatest act of love ever done in John 3:16, which is a gesture no ones #MCM or #WCW could ever live up to. Nevertheless, as the world is on route to celebrating Valentine’s Day on February 14th, here are 5 Christian fiction books that celebrate the love of God that you can add to your reading list.
When socialite meets quiet country girl, thanks to a pairing for an assignment, they strike up a unique friendship that forces them to encourage one another to think outside their usual boxes about life and faith. A great novel touching on love and the true gift of friendship; how having the right type of influence can push you towards your purpose while helping you become the best version of yourself.
L.A financial services company owner, Anya Mitchell has it all from the looks of things. A loving fiancé, a succesful company pulling in top clients and a walk with God that she is committed to growing each day. Life couldn’t be any better for her, until she discovers she has a stalker and her perfect fiancé may not be the guy she truly thought he was. With many twists and turns we learn that if we allow Him, God always gets the glory.
When secret choices made in your past leave you traumatised and filled with many regrets, all Cheney wants is the comfort and forgiveness of her family which they refuse to give. Pat Simmons intertwines genealogy, faith and love to write an engaging and compassionate contemporary love story that shows that God can cause you to experience love in places or with people you never would have imagined.
The saying ‘if you want God to laugh, tell Him your plans’ is the set foundation to this emotional and uplifting story. Having your faith tried is never easy but it is through those moments you realise who God is and what He means to you. This is a hard lesson for Kendra to learn as the perfect world she had built quickly begins to tumble down. This book demonstrates that many times all we have to do is let go and let God in order to see a turnaround. He is always ready to bless our obedience and His unconditional love always carries us through.
Loving someone the way God instructs us to, can sometimes leave us feeling hurt and disappointed
by their actions. This is the life of Warner, who is constantly trying to demonstrate 1Corinthians 13:1
type of love to his troubled wife who doesn’t understand the love of God and struggles to love and forgive herself. Here is a modern day twist based on the biblical story of Hosea. Have your tissues on deck for this one.
Love Language: 5 Books to Add to Your Reading ListLove Language: 5 Books to Add to Your Reading List50Words by Delores Oblitey
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