Working from home has become part of our ‘new normal’ since the spring of last year. What many of us thought would be a couple of weeks free from daily commutes to work and an opportunity to save money on transport turned into almost a full year of zoom meetings and pyjama marathons. While an end to the WFH era may still be a way off, here are a few tips to help you stay spiritually and physically present and productive while working from home: Create a designated workspace, quiet/leisure space. At first, the opportunity to answer emails and attend meetings from the comfort of one’s home sounded like a dream. But several months later, as the WFH fatigue has set in, many of us have found ourselves longing for days in-office that offered some separation between work and free time. Designating a workspace, and a prayer and/or leisure space– even if in different corners of the same room– can be beneficial in creating some WFH sanity. This can help you to be more present in each space and aid in structuring your day around the time spent in each area. Make a daily list of attainable goals (that don’t all revolve around your 9-5). Creating a daily list of achievable goals is often recommended to bring clarity and organisation to one’s day. But these goals shouldn’t all be work-related and could include some tasks around your hobbies, side-projects or even self-care. Scheduling in some time to work on a passion project, exercise, or even catch up on a sermon that a friend recommended are examples of simple tasks that can help bring some productive variety to your day. Regardless of what these tasks are, they should be accessible enough to keep you spiritually, mentally and physically refreshed. Delete or log off of social media and emails before bed. The social media doom scroll has become part and parcel of lockdown life, especially during evenings that would have typically been centred around an in-person social activity. Taking an hour, or even 30 minutes social-media free before bed by logging out of your apps or even deleting them is proven to help your mind wind down and prepare your body for sleep. This screen-free time is also a great opportunity to have a moment of meditation and prayer before bed. When you wake up, you’ll be less inundated with social media notifications and alerts and can start the day with a clear mind and spirit. In Matthew, the Bible teaches the importance of seeking God first in order to excel in other areas of life:

‘But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.’ MATTHEW 6:33

While we may be adjusting to life in an ongoing new normal, God’s presence is always available to empower and aid us in our daily lives as long as continue to seek Him. Ultimately, there are spiritual and physical benefits to dedicating time daily to seeking God, and this habit is the foundation of leading spiritually, emotionally, and physically present and productive lives whether we’re working from home or going to the office. Words by Mary-Hannah Oteju
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