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GRACE caught up with the South London Rapper & Songwriter at Big Church Festival to talk musical collaborations, drip and who he’d like to meet in an elevator!

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Please introduce yourself to our GRACE readers?

What’s good everyone, it’s your boy Still Shadey. Rapper, songwriter from South London.



And oh my gosh you just finished the LIFTED tour, have you even recovered?

No lol.



So you’re just going?

That is what it is. This is training. We pushed back the album (it’s not ready yet) so we are just working but this is a good off season to stay active on the stage as that is where I need to be. So yeah, I’m not supposed to recover.



A few ice breakers: Who is Still Shadey in 5 words? 

Multi-faceted, passionate, funny, charismatic and poetic. 



And if you had to describe yourself in 5 emojis what would they be?

The Baileys Bottle (it’s just a bottle but that’s Baileys’)  

Smiley Face

Fire Emoji (that’s passion)

Musical note

Preeing Eyes because I am always watching.



Whose drip is better: yours, Asha Elias’ or Y Shadeys’?

Well Y Shadeys’ is my little bro so any drip that he has ultimately comes from me so he is disqualified and Asha: I cannot compare myself to Asha, we’ve got a completely different wardrobe so I’m going to say me (respectfully). Look at the 2-piece. We call this the heavy shorts, for the drop down, they give me a bit of air when I’m all dancing on stage.



This or That

  1. New Testament or Old Testament? New Testament
  2. Christmas or Easter (think of the food)? Christmas
  3. Morleys or KFC? Morleys
  4. Instagram or TikTok? Morleys. (I laughed). I’m still on the Morleys. I cannot believe you dropped that. That was out of the question.
  5. Stay at home or go out? Stay at home,
  6. Cook dinner or take out? Cook dinner.
  7. One item you can’t leave the house without: My phone.
  8. Last time you cried? Within the past 7 days.
  9. Last time you lied? Oooh (thinks hard) er, what you tryna do. Hallelujah. I cannot even call that one. Not actively but I started thinking about when I…let me not even talk. Let me not even talk!

God sees, next question…..



Last time you prayed? Just before the set. We respect that, we love that.



What does GRACE mean to you?

Unmerited favour



You’re taking an elevator to the 25th floor and a character from the Bible gets in – who would you want it to be and why? Jesus.


Okay apart from Jesus. He is everywhere.

Holy Spirit then, because He is a character. But if we are talking theologians, people would say pop out Paul, but I am also interested in Peter. I’ll start with a funny joke because my surname is Peters, so I’ll be like “Yo Peters, your man’s Peters“ that would break the ice then I would start talking about why he cut my man’s ear.



If you were asked to write a song about a character in the Bible who would it be about and why?

I just thought about a song I am currently working on, it’s about Abraham’s faith. There are so many songs, I don’t know if it is going to come out, so if you lot keep encouraging me, it will come out.

We will pray about that one.



What 5 songs are currently on repeat on your playlist? (He only named 3)

I have just been taking in Kirk Franklin’s ‘All Things’ – that’s hard.

‘Elon Money’, my latest single. How can I expect you to run up [on] my tunes if I am not running up my own songs.

Melvillous ‘Party Mi Seh’ – a banger. Every Saturday you gotta play that song.



Name your top three artists you’d love to collaborate on a song with?

Stormzy – got a lot to talk about on the track, also from Croydon.

Kanye West – I’ll love to get in the studio with him

Erm, let me switch it up. Er, (thinking) musically, sonically, oooh (pauses) vocals, I would like to sit on a track with…hmmm so many…someone old skool.


We can take two for now.

Okay but there are so many.



What verse of scripture speaks to the season you’re in right now?

Hmmm, season right now. Not really a scripture but I would talk about James (the first chapter), it talks about not being moved to the left or the right, definitely just staying firm, not being double minded. It’s not just currently speaking to me: It’s an application and framework that I actually need to be aware of. Whatever I am doing now, there are going to be things that will try to move me to the left or to the right, but I have to try and be focussed.



What are you looking forward to the most at BCF2023?

I mean, Still Shadey has already performed, so that was great. Now, I’m going to see my brothers on stage, Guvna B and the rest of the gang.



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Interview by Debbie Shasanya

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